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Inteligencia Artificial. 5 La Fiscalidad de la automatización. Automation Tax.

  Inteligencia Artificial. 5 LA FISCALIDAD DE LA AUTOMATIZACIÓN. AUTOMATION TAX. Tulio Rosembuj. Julio de 2018  Abstract  Automation throws an indisputable effect: the indiscriminate replacement by the machine of the worker at work. There are no reasonable doubts that prevent a dark perspective of the immediate future of human capital.

Inteligencia Artificial. 4 Automatización

Inteligencia Artificial. 4 AUTOMATIZACION. AUTOMATION. Tulio Rosembuj. Julio de 2018  Abstract  Automation is the name of artificial intelligence, a mixture of digital good and vigilance. The hurricane of creative destruction of technological innovation has a vocation for unlimited power, deregulated and detaxed, where the rules are imposed by the agents…